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Monthly Archives: June 2009

The tale of the GCC and the ‘Section 60 Order’

A week or so ago, we learned that the GCC were intent on Moving the Goalposts. This was covered by Professor David Colquhoun in his post: The General Chiropractic Council (GCC) wants to waive the rules. They were applying to the Privy Council for something called a ‘Section 60 Order’. I asked the GCC what this was and why it was being done. I received the following reply a few days ago.

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Quacklash Backlash!

It’s really quite simple. The GCC Code of Practice requires all chiropractors to hold the appropriate level of evidence for any claim they make. If and when a chiropractor receives a complaint about those claims, all the chiropractor has to do is send that evidence to the GCC. The GCC will no doubt then not uphold the complaint against them and they can get on with what they were doing.

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Moving the goalposts (Part Two)

It’s very clear what standard of substantiation is required for claims made by chiropractors. It is in black and white in the General Chiropractic Council’s Code of Practice. Paragraph C1.6 of the CoP states that any information published by chiropractors or on their behalf, must be ‘consistent with the law and the guidance issued by the Advertising Standards Authority’ (ASA). More on this can be found in my previous post and in my complaint letter. The ASA guidance clearly says that only scientific evidence is acceptable.

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