By invitation only – bizarre goings-on at OfQuack

It’s obviously the time for bizarre press releases. This one appeared on OfQuack’s website today:

Open invitation to ‘Mr Smith’

CNHC has been saddened to see, yet again, inaccurate information widely circulated about our business by one ‘Mr Smith’. Our response has been to invite the writer, whoever she/he may be, to meet with us and talk matters through – an invitation to which we have yet had no reply.

‘Mr Smith’ did not have the courtesy to contact us directly or to check his/her facts but a number of individual colleagues and Professional Associations have brought the information to our attention. They unanimously expressed concern and indeed, in some instances, disgust, at such tactics being used, particularly without giving CNHC the right of reply.

The CNHC – Board and Committee members – constitutes a body of very professional people. They are attempting, to the best of their ability and without any vested interest, as they are all lay appointees, to provide an effective regulatory body for the complementary healthcare sector, in the public interest.

Whilst we appreciate that the nature of our work will attract detractors, we would always prefer to deal openly, honestly and in full with those with genuine enquiries. However, some individuals have deliberately and inaccurately used the information we provide by seeking to denigrate CNHC for their own purposes and/or for commercial reasons.

We understand that a number of the people approached via email by ‘Mr Smith’- both individuals and organisations – intend to take this matter further as they believe that the use of their personal contact details in this way constitutes an invasion of their privacy and an offence.

Our offer to meet with ‘Mr Smith’ still remains and we hope that he/she will make contact with us.

I will shortly be blogging a lot more on OfQuack, but this had to be brought to the attention of a wider audience! Who is this enigmatic Mr Smith? Answers on a postcard…

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