Some simple rules

  1. Keep comments on-topic. Any that veer off the topic may be deleted.
  2. Be prepared to learn or even change your opinion.
  3. Remember that your opinion may not be entirely correct and respect the right of others to hold different opinions. If you have evidence to back up your opinions, share it with everyone.
  4. Be clear on what point or points you are addressing. Quote what someone else has said so it is clear exactly what you are responding to. Using the <blockquote> tag helps a lot (see below).
  5. Don’t just cut and paste someone else’s words to save you from forming the argument or rebuttal for yourself. However, if you do quote someone else, provide a reference to the website, paper or article.
  6. Do not resort to ad hominems — if you can’t address specific points raised without attacking the author, don’t bother commenting. All an ad hominem does is tell the reader that you don’t have an answer so are resorting to insults instead to trying to win them over with your reasoned arguments. You don’t win; you just look ignorant.
  7. Try to write in sensible sentences and with at least half-decent grammar, punctuation and spelling. Readers are more likely to read and understand your points if they are clearly written and presented. The Plain English Campaign provides free guides that are well worth reading.
  8. Don’t post anonymously — it makes it very difficult for others to work who is saying what. Anonymous posts are more likely to deleted even if you say something intelligent, constructive or relevant. I may delete anonymous comments and edit or delete any replies.
  9. Note that your IP address and email address are automatically recorded by WordPress for each comment you submit.
  10. I reserve the right not to edit or delete stupid, ignorant, insulting or bigoted comments, but to make fun of them and possibly add them to my list of Accolades and Quackolades.
  11. Nothing on this website should be construed as medical advice. If you have a medical condition or think that you might or are worried about your health, consult your properly medically qualified General Practitioner, not a quack. In the UK, proper doctors can be found on the General Medical Council’s List of Registered Medical Practitioners.
  12. If you don’t like what you find here, you are, of course, perfectly free to set up your own blog and say whatever you like there. In fact, websites like make it very easy for just about anyone to set up their own blog.
  13. Spammers: I have several layers of comment spam protection, so don’t waste your time. Any that do get through will be quickly deleted.

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