I am a sceptical activist. I have been for years, doing what I can to expose pseudo science and those trying to fool the unaware, the vulnerable and the gullible.

Any more than that about me is irrelevant.

But, as any sceptic will be well aware, some supporters of pseudo science are not content without knowing more about the blog author.

They seem to think it’s important to know who the author is, what he/she does for a living, where he/she lives, whether he/she has ever used whatever pseudo scientific ‘therapy’ is being discussed, etc, etc.

Whether deliberate or not, all this does is distract discussion away from the topic.

Does it really matter whether I’m a medical researcher, work for Big Pharma, or a cleaner in a local school? Does who puts money into my bank account every month change any facts I’ve written? Would you rebut the argument differently if you knew? Or are you just trying to slur to avoid having to answer properly?

Does it matter if you earn your living selling homeopathy or whatever?

If you can rebut an argument, then do so, but drop the ad hominens.

Alan Henness

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