Who’s been blogging on chiroquacktic? After the ‘plethora’.

Rather than add to my ever-growing list of those blogging on the BCA vs Simon Singh case, I thought that the publication of the BCA’s ‘plethora’ yesterday was a good place to start a new list.

As before, if anyone sees anything that should be on this list, please let me know.

Jack of Kent’s Blog for the legal view

Jack of Kent: BCA v Singh: The Plethora?

Jack of Kent: BCA v Singh: The BCA’s “Third Update”

Jack of Kent: The BCA’s Worst Day

Jack of Kent: Singh’s Defence v The Plethora

Jack of Kent: Coming Up: the BCA’s Reply

Jack of Kent: The BCA’s Reply

Jack of Kent: My First ‘Hate’ Email: A ‘Chiropractic Doctor’ Writes

Jack of Kent: BMJ: The “Plethora” Has Been Completely Demolished

Jack of Kent: Why BCA v Singh Matters To Me

APGaylard’s A canna’ change the laws of physics

Plethora or paucity? The BCA and bedwetting « A canna’ change the laws of physics

No room for the evidence « A canna’ change the laws of physics

Lewith lashes out « A canna’ change the laws of physics

In praise of chiropractic? « A canna’ change the laws of physics

Cubik’s Rube

If the BCA ask to borrow your library card… « Cubik’s Rube

Keep your science out of our libel suits! « Cubik’s Rube

Chiropractores ite domum « Cubik’s Rube

Professor David Colquhoun’s DC’s Improbable Science

British Chiropractic Association produces its plethora of evidence

Dr Petra Boynton

Dr Petra Boynton I Blog I British Chiropractic Association presents their evidence – do you think it supports their claim for chiropractic treatment of children?

Evidence Matters

British Chiropractic Association and The Plethora of Evidence for Paediatric Asthma « Evidence Matters

Alan Breen in praise of chiropractic and democracy « Evidence Matters

Gimpy’s Blog

The BCA have no evidence that chiropractic can help with ear infections « gimpy’s blog

BCA plethora – the previously unavailable Fallon paper « gimpy’s blog

Chris Kavanagh’s God knows what…

Revenge of the Singh « God knows what…

Holford Watch

British Chiropractic Association (BCA) demonstrate what evidence-based medicine isn’t « Holford Watch: Patrick Holford, nutritionism and bad science

GCC remove ‘What Can I Expect’ leaflet from website « Holford Watch: Patrick Holford, nutritionism and bad science

jdc325’s Weblog

New Zealand Chiropractors in New Complaint « jdc325’s Weblog

BCA Statement Baffles Blogger « jdc325’s Weblog

Contacting The Privy Council: GCC Moving The Goalposts « jdc325’s Weblog

Incompetence and The General Chiropractic Council « jdc325’s Weblog

GCC and the Privy Council « jdc325’s Weblog

Ignoreland: A Refusal To Engage « jdc325’s Weblog

Chiropractic Dirty Tricks. What of the Repercussions? « jdc325’s Weblog

Martin Robbins, the Lay Scientist

Deliberately Dishonest? A Review of The BCA’s Evidence for Chiropractic | The Lay Scientist

“We don’t regulate clinics or companies”: The GCC Respond to my BCA Complaint | The Lay Scientist

Inside the Skeptical Blogging Conspiracy: Ben Goldacre’s Real History Revealed | The Lay Scientist

Logic Rocks’ General rattiness and rantings about silly stuff

General rattiness and rantings about silly stuff: The BCA announce their “plethora” of evidence

the white coat underground

Chiropractic, quackery, and moral bankruptcy : White Coat Underground

I get mail–chiroquacktic edition : White Coat Underground


The Great Beyond: Chiropractors reveal “plethora of medical evidence”

Unjust burdens of proof : Article : Nature

Richard Wiseman

Chiropractic evidence: The curious case of the missing study « Richard Wiseman’s Blog

Science-Based Medicine

Science-Based Medicine » Chiropractic – A Brief Overview, Part I

Science-Based Medicine » The death and rebirth of vitalism

Science-Based Medicine » I get mail–chiroquacktic edition

Science-Based Medicine » Chiropractic – A Brief Overview, Part II

Science-Based Medicine » The British Chiropractic Association Responds to Simon Singh

Blue Genes – Science news

The BCA “Plethora of evidence”: The Fallon Paper | Blue Genes – Science news

Northern Doctor

Chiropractic and ethics in the BJGP « Northern Doctor


Examining chiropractors’ claims: first blow to them : ReasonCheck

Reciprocal Space – Nature Network

Freedom of Error – Reciprocal Space – Stephen Curry’s blog on Nature Network

Adventures in nonsense

Adventures in nonsense: Over half of chiropractor colic web pages slashed &\1 burnt

Adventures in nonsense: Complaint to Trading Standards over unsubstantiated claims made by Chiropractors

Thinking is Real

Thinking is Real: BCA, Simon Singh, Ernst, Jack of Kent, Australia

The Quackometer

the quackometer: What Next for the British Chiropractic Association?

the quackometer: General Chiropractic Council Hiring Staff to deal with Complaints

Thinking Is Dangerous

Thinking Is Dangerous: Say goodbye to colic the easy way!

Thinking Is Dangerous: Chiropractors admit “Chiropractic has never cured anyone of anything”

Thinking Is Dangerous: General Chiropractic Council unable to cope with complaints

British Medical Journal

Chiropractors: clarifying the issues — Richard Brown, Practising chiropractor and vice president of the British Chiropractic Association

Chiropractic for paediatric conditions: substantial evidence? — Edzard Ernst, Professor of complementary medicine, Peninsula Medical School, Universities of Exeter and Plymouth

Keep libel laws out of science — Fiona Godlee, editor, BMJ (“[Ernst’s] demolition of the 18 references is, to my mind, complete.”)

Plausibility.net – A directory of plausible and implausible things

What to call Chiropractic | Plausibility.net

A chiropractor struggles to defend chiropractic | Plausibility.net

A plethora of links to media articles on Connotea.

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