Chiropractic complaints put back several months

Both Dr* T and The Quackometer beat me to it! I got the same letter from the GCC this morning.

That wise old bird covered the points about the GCC having to employ more regulatory staff to cope with the 590 complaints they received last month (523 of which were mine, 55 were Simon’s as well as some other individual complaints).

He is right: they do seem to be taking these complaints seriously and are not โ€” as some had predicted โ€” just trying to weasel their way out of them. Good. That’s what a statutory regulator should be doing so they can properly protect the public.

This is an unfortunate delay in proceedings โ€” it would be better for all concerned to have this resolved as quickly as possible. However, we’ll just need to be patient.

4 thoughts on “Chiropractic complaints put back several months”

  1. Sorry! Now fixed.

    I do wonder if some outfit like OfQuack would bother with this kind of due process? Or indeed the BCA if they had been the one to have to deal with the complaints?

  2. Hi Zeno,
    I am very interested in how your complaint progresses, however if you wanted it to proceed quickly, maybe you should have picked 10 instead of 525?

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