Who’s been blogging on chiroquacktic?

Loads of bloggers have been, well, blogging on this. I’d like to compile a reasonably comprehensive list of the main (as I see it) blog posts here. They are in no particular order, just as I remember them and find them.

I would like to keep adding to this list, partly as an aid for myself to keep track of the various posts, but also as a resource for anyone else who is interested in the whole sorry saga. I’ll edit this post to make it longer, rather than adding new posts.

I’ve tried to keep each blogger’s posts in time sequence, with the oldest at the top, but it would be just too much work to produce a complete time line of all posts!

Please do not be offended if I’ve missed anyone off the list! Instead, let me know and I’ll add them.

Jack of Kent’s Blog for the legal view

Jack of Kent: BCA v Singh: Update and Roundup

Jack of Kent: What the British Chiropractic Association – and English Libel Law – should do next

Jack of Kent: The Simon Singh Support Meeting

Jack of Kent: BCA v Singh: What The Advertising Standards Authority Said

Jack of Kent: My Email to the BCA

Jack of Kent: The BCA’s Extraordinary Press Release

Jack of Kent: The BCA’s Important Clarifactions

Jack of Kent: BCA v Singh: The Official Ruling

Jack of Kent: BCA v Singh: Deadline For Appeal Extended

Jack of Kent: Simon Singh Support Rally Footage

Jack of Kent: Jack’s Weekly Round Up – 29 May 2009

Jack of Kent: BCA v Singh: Blaming It On The Grauniad

Jack of Kent: The Fable of BOGUS and PLETHORA

Jack of Kent: Libel Law Has No Place In Scientific Disputes

Jack of Kent: Why The BCA Claim Is Misconceived

Jack of Kent: Hello to Dr George Lewith

Jack of Kent: The McTimoney Letter

Jack of Kent: The Quacklash – Causes And Effects

Jack of Kent: Jack of Kent’s Week – 14 June 2009

Martin Robbins, the Lay Scientist

Simon Singh vs. British Chiropractic Association | The Lay Scientist

The Simon Singh Verdict: British Skeptics are Under Siege | The Lay Scientist

Video of the Simon Singh Public Meeting | The Lay Scientist

Dismantling the chiropractic claims of the BCA, GCC and others | The Lay Scientist By guest blogger, Blue Wode

What Chiropractors Can’t Say: Previous Advertising Standards Rulings on Chiropractic: | The Lay Scientist

Thoughts on Simon Singh’s Appeal: There are Many Different Kinds of Defeat | The Lay Scientist

Chiropractors in Mass Website Withdrawal | The Lay Scientist

‘Chiropocalypse’ Spreads to United Chiropractic Association and BCA | The Lay Scientist

jdc325’s Weblog

Writing to my MP About the UK Libel Laws « jdc325’s Weblog

Chiropractic and the BCA Research Page « jdc325’s Weblog

Bassett Chiropractic « jdc325’s Weblog

Helping the BCA « jdc325’s Weblog

Bassett Chiropractic: Follow-Up « jdc325’s Weblog

A Gentle Reminder for the BCA « jdc325’s Weblog

BCA Response « jdc325’s Weblog

Further Questions for the BCA « jdc325’s Weblog

Bassett Chiropractic Reply « jdc325’s Weblog

Chiropractic Refusal to Engage « jdc325’s Weblog

Recommended Reading For Chiropractors « jdc325’s Weblog

Are the BCA ignoring me? « jdc325’s Weblog

What Was The Question Again? Or: The GCC Respond To My Email « jdc325’s Weblog

Incompetence and The General Chiropractic Council « jdc325’s Weblog

The McTimoney Letter: Remarkable Chiropractic Website Withdrawal « jdc325’s Weblog

GCC Failure to Clarify Code of Practice Ends in Formal Complaint « jdc325’s Weblog

Last of The Summer Whine? « jdc325’s Weblog


ebm-first : What Alternative Health Practitioners Might Not Tell You

Crispian Jago’s Science, Reason and Critical Thinking

Science, Reason and Critical Thinking: Support Simon Singh and Free Speech A recording of the main speakers at the public meeting held at the Penderel’s Oak, Holborn, London on Monday 18th May 2009.

Science, Reason and Critical Thinking: I’m supporting Simon Singh too

Science, Reason and Critical Thinking: Python Plagiarising for Singh

Cargo Cult Science, by Tristan

Cargo Cult Science: Chiropractors – a shot in the foot?

Cargo Cult Science: Victoria Chiropractic Clinic, Woking, may break GCC rules

Cargo Cult Science: Complaint to Victoria Chiropractic submitted

Cargo Cult Science: A success with Victoria Chiropractic, a chap called Lanigan, and a paradigmatically relevant hypothesis…

Cargo Cult Science: Bassett Chiropractic refuse to engage with critics

Cargo Cult Science: Simon Singh to appeal – Sign up now to keep the libel laws out of science!


The British Chiropractic Association v Simon Singh « http://www.skepticat.org

The BCA v Simon Singh Pt 2: The nerds are revolting « http://www.skepticat.org

Chiropractors running scared « www.skepticat.org

Gimpy’s Blog

General Chiropractic Council admit chiropractors may be ‘bogus’ « gimpy’s blog

Chiropractor Dr Carl Irwin is wrong to call himself ‘Dr’ and makes untruthful claims say ASA « gimpy’s blog

Homeopaths organise mass letter writing campaign against Simon Singh and applaud BCA « gimpy’s blog

Chiropractic – as modest today as in 1913? « gimpy’s blog

Simon Singh to appeal libel decision « gimpy’s blog

Chiropractic – as modest today as in 1913? « gimpy’s blog

British Chiropractic Association tell their members to hide their sins from prying eyes « gimpy’s blog

McTimoney Chiropractic Association cut and run « gimpy’s blog

APGaylard’s A canna’ change the laws of physics

Chiropractic: a bogus* treatment for bedwetting? « A canna’ change the laws of physics

More Bedwetting Bogosity* « A canna’ change the laws of physics

Alternative Memory? « A canna’ change the laws of physics

Martineau chiropractic to check with the BCA « A canna’ change the laws of physics

Defending chiropractic? « A canna’ change the laws of physics

Andy Lewis’ The Quackometer

the quackometer: Bogus Law

the quackometer: A Carnival of Bogus* Chiropractic

the quackometer: Simon Singh to Appeal Bogus Decision

the quackometer: The University of Wales is Responsible for Enabling Bogus* Chiropractic Claims to be Made

the quackometer: How the British Chiropractic Association Targets Children

the quackometer: Chiropractors told to take down their web sites

Ben Goldacre

A characteristically amateurish and socially inappropriate approach to pitching an article – Bad Science

The comedian, Dave Gorman

Dave Gorman: Chiro-Bullies

Dave Gorman: Thanks Carl Irwin… whoever you are…

Chris Kavanagh’s God knows what…

Singh Case Update: A Real Pain in the Neck! « God knows what…

Simon Singh Case Response Roundup « God knows what…

Simon-Aid 2009: The Momentum’s Growing! « God knows what…

Simon says… Appeal! « God knows what…

Articles in the New Scientist

Chiropractic critic loses first round in libel fight – science-in-society – 15 May 2009 – New Scientist

Don’t criticise, or we’ll sue – opinion – 19 May 2009 – New Scientist

Singh case highlights dangers for journalists and bloggers – Short Sharp Science – New Scientist

What you should know about chiropractic – opinion – 29 May 2009 – New Scientist

In defense of chiropractic – opinion – 13 June 2009 – New Scientist Richard Brown, chiropractor and Vice President of the BCA squirms.

Dr* T’s Thinking is Dangerous

Thinking Is Dangerous: Chiropractic – totally bogus, dude?

Thinking Is Dangerous: Chiropractic for menstrual pains? No evidence. Period.

Thinking Is Dangerous: Chiropractics claim wrist action, but evidence states no happy ending.

Thinking Is Dangerous: Chiropractors take money for trying to relieve asthma, despite a lack of evidence. What a wheeze!

Thinking Is Dangerous: “Before every action ask yourself – Will this bring more monkeys on my back?” – Chiropractors react to legal decision

Guardian journalist, Nick Cohen

Simon Singh and the battle for free speech « Nick Cohen: Writing from London

Why are they trying to gag a top British science writer? | Nick Cohen | Comment is free | The Observer

H L Mencken on Chiropractic the Baltimore Sun 1924 « Nick Cohen: Writing from London

Wendy Grossman

newswireless.net .:. Features .:. net.wars: Backbone

Dr Aust’s Spleen

They seek it here… they seek it there « Dr Aust’s Spleen

Back crack quack attack – the song « Dr Aust’s Spleen

Truly Much Bogosity – latest news « Dr Aust’s Spleen

BCA say they want scientific debate. Bears eschew woods for proper flush toilets and soft toilet paper. « Dr Aust’s Spleen

PZ Myers

Truths that must remain unsaid : Pharyngula

Chiropractors scrambling to cover their tracks : Pharyngula

Index on Censorship

Index on Censorship » Blog Archive » Eady rules against Singh in chiropractic defamation case

New Humanist Blog

New Humanist Blog: Simon Singh hopes to appeal chiropracty libel ruling, but can’t confirm yet

Science Based Medicine – Harriet Hall

Science-Based Medicine » Adverse Effects of Chiropractic

Professor David Colquhoun’s DC’s Improbable Science

NICE falls for Bait and Switch by acupuncturists and chiropractors: it has let down the public and itself

NICE fiasco, part 2. Rawlins should withdraw guidance and start again

The NICE fiasco, Part 3. Too many vested interests, not enough honesty

(The NICE guideline document, Low back pain: early management of persistent non-specific low back pain, can be found here.)

Simon Singh will appeal! Keep the Libel Laws out of Science

The McTimoney Chiropractic Association would seem to believe that chiropractic is “bogus”

Peter Dixon, chair of the General Chiropractic Council, seems to be a bit careless about evidence

The General Chiropractic Council (GCC) wants to waive the rules

Professor Edzard Ernst

Pulse – Medical blogs by GPs and for GPs | Comment – Are chiropractors destroying their own reputation?

Pulse – Why the recent portrayal of chiropractic is distorted

Pulse – Edzard Ernst blog | A blog on CAM – My response to the British Chiropractic Association

Derren Brown

Derren Brown Blog » Blog Archive » Simon Singh stands up to libel claims

Sense About Science

Sense About Science | BCA v Singh The Story So Far 3 June 2009 by Simon Singh

Sense About Science | Sign up now to keep the libel laws out of science!

Sense About Chiropractic by Professor Edzard Ernst

Richard Dawkins

‘Support Simon Singh’ by Richard Dawkins – RichardDawkins.net

Dr Evan Harris MP in the British Medical Journal

Science in court — Harris 338: b2254 — BMJ

consider, evaluate, act

consider, evaluate, act: Simon Singh is appealing – he’s also fighting for justice and freedom of speech

Respectful Insolence

Simon Singh appeals Judge Eady’s bogus libel ruling : Respectful Insolence

Bad Reason

Bad Reason: Bogus science and bogus law

Bad Reason: Writing to the The General Chiropractic Council

Dr Petra Boynton

Dr Petra Boynton I Blog I Simon Singh to appeal libel ruling

Northern Doctor

GPs and chiropractic – mind the credibility gap « Northern Doctor

Steven Novella’s NeuroLogicaBlog

NeuroLogica Blog » Singh Will Appeal – Keep Libel out of Science

Cubik’s Rube

Simon Singh is charming! Er, appealing! « Cubik’s Rube

…And the peasants are revolting! « Cubik’s Rube

The plot thickens « Cubik’s Rube

Nobody expects an ill-conceived attempt at satire! « Cubik’s Rube

Logic Rocks’ General rattiness and rantings about silly stuff

General rattiness and rantings about silly stuff: The BCA continues to stun people

Evidence Matters

Chiropractors accuse critics of “witch hunt” for examining evidence « Evidence Matters

Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy

Chiropocalypse | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine

Science Punk

Panicking chiropractors order slash-and-burn of their own websites : SciencePunk

The Business Ethics Blog

The Business Ethics Blog: British Chiropractors Retreating from Publicity, by Chris MacDonald, Ph.D.

Adventures in nonsense

Adventures in nonsense: Arguments with a chiropractic quack

Adventures in nonsense: 500 Chiropractors reported to Trading Standards and GCC

Adventures in nonsense: “Colic” vanishes from 245 web pages

Carmen Gets Around

Carmen Gets Around: Simon Singh Has Very Soft Hands

Carmen Gets Around: Chirporactic email

Language Log

Language Log » Knowing bogosity

Nature.com Blog

The Great Beyond: Complaints converge on chiropractors

…and of course, the threads on the Bad Science Forum and Think Humanism.

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