Last night’s Simon Singh support meeting

It was (of course) packed. Still not sure why mjrobbins was so surprised when he got a round of applause when he asked a question! He’s obviously too modest.

Prof Brian Cox was NOT asked to sing Things can only get better!

Nick Cohen was asking for Gimpy (and wondered how he got that name)!

Nick Cohen: we need libel law something close to USA system.

Dr Evan Harris MP avoided questions about his expenses claim for the evening…

Dave Gorman was brilliant.

Prof David Colquhoun: chiros should not have been regulated.

Met Ariane Sherine!

Oh! And Simon Singh was there too!

May launch appeal for funds with Sense about Science.

I’m sure Jack of Kent will do a good summary. Overall, a great evening, but we’ve got to wait a bit for Simon’s decision (no more than two weeks). Many there wanted him to continue the fight – not just to clear his name because he is right, but for the sake of freedom of speech.

However, it is Simon’s decision. Whatever he decides, he knows he will have a lot of support.

There is a good summary at the New Humanist.

First posted: 19 May 2009

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