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What the ASA have to say about chiroquacktic

I’ve been looking through all the ASA’s adjudications against chiros and thought a summary of them might be useful to help understand what whacky claims are made and how the ASA deals with them. See the ASA’s website for full details of the offending adverts, the ASA’s response and investigation. The list of these can be found here.

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Who are the British Chiropractic Association?

I’ve been looking at the BCA and posted about them on The Lay Scientist, but repeat the posts here.

One thing is certain: regardless of why the BCA didn’t pursue the Guardian, the damage has been done in that people have read the paper and the online article and will have been left with an impression of what Simon said. If they finally win, they get no more than the satisfaction that they have won and that their lawyers have made a packet or too.

If they had pursued the Guardian as well, then it would seem likely that they would have to have published an apology of some sort. They way they have done it – just going after an individual — they get no such public apology and the ‘harm’ that was done to them never gets corrected as far as most of the original readers are concerned.

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I want to get in on the act

Everyone is blogging about the British Chiropractic Association’s libel action against Simon Singh.

I have been posting comments, observations and some of my research on Think Humanism, but I thought it was time I gathered it all together. I have had this blog for a few years, but only made a few posts – now’s the time to start blogging in earnest and the Simon Singh debacle is a good place to start!

My first posts will simply be what I have already written for Think Humanism, but I hope to continue once Simon has been vindicated!

No doubt, having started with this post, it’ll appear below my other posts…

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