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My complaint about a local chiroquacktor

I’ve also complained to Trading Standards about a local chiroquacktor using the title Dr after getting clarification from the GCC:

Thank you for your enquiry. The relevant part of the Code of Practice for chiropractors states that

“Chiropractors must not use any title or qualification in such a way that the public may be misled as to its mean or significance. In particular, chiropractors who use the title of ‘doctor’ and who are not registered medical practitioners must ensure that they make it clear they are registered chiropractors and not registered medical practitioners.”

Do please let me know if from your perspective the information provided on his website is sufficiently clear. If not, I will draw to his attention any issues that you are able to identify, with a view to remedying any problem.

Oh, I will!

New chiroquacktic training manual uncovered!

Top secret, no doubt, but this manual gives a useful insight into the workings of the chiroquacktic mind.

For those ready for more education, I’ve found some more complex material on subluxations:

When spinal vertebrae pinch or choke nerves, affected organs and tissues don’t work the way they should and ill-health results.

When the neurological circuits have integrity, your body works as it was designed.

First posted: 26 May 2009

To ‘protect the public’, apparently

Chiroquacktors frequently claim that they have never harmed anyone with their spinal manipulations. What’s the Harm and the parents of this little baby know better.

However, no doubt, as a cynical marketing exercise to allay public fears and show the sceptics amongst us that it really is safe, they have recently set up CPiRLS – The Chiropractic Patient Incident Reporting and Learning System.

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These are the rules, nothing more, nothing less

For completeness, the relevant sections in the The British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (CAP) seem to be:

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What chiroquacktors are allowed to claim

A bit of detail on what Jack of Kent has been talking about on his blog post, BCA v Singh: What The Advertising Standards Authority Said…here’s the information I passed to him:

I made a complaint to the GCC and Trading Standards on Tuesday about a local chiro who was using the title ‘Dr’ on his website. When I looked further into what chiros are allowed to claim and what they are not allowed to claim, I discovered something I don’t think I’ve seen mentioned elsewhere (although I may just have missed it).

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What the BCA got up to in 2007

Gimpy has written a good blog entry on the BCA’s use of the word ‘bogus’ in their 2003/2004 annual report.

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My local chiroquacktor

I came across a local chiro yesterday morning who was using the title ‘Dr’ on his website, but who doesn’t appear to have any real medical qualifications. I fired a quick email off to the GCC:

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Last night’s Simon Singh support meeting

It was (of course) packed. Still not sure why mjrobbins was so surprised when he got a round of applause when he asked a question! He’s obviously too modest.

Prof Brian Cox was NOT asked to sing Things can only get better!

Nick Cohen was asking for Gimpy (and wondered how he got that name)!

Nick Cohen: we need libel law something close to USA system.

Dr Evan Harris MP avoided questions about his expenses claim for the evening…

Dave Gorman was brilliant.

Prof David Colquhoun: chiros should not have been regulated.

Met Ariane Sherine!

Oh! And Simon Singh was there too!

May launch appeal for funds with Sense about Science.

I’m sure Jack of Kent will do a good summary. Overall, a great evening, but we’ve got to wait a bit for Simon’s decision (no more than two weeks). Many there wanted him to continue the fight – not just to clear his name because he is right, but for the sake of freedom of speech.

However, it is Simon’s decision. Whatever he decides, he knows he will have a lot of support.

There is a good summary at the New Humanist.

First posted: 19 May 2009

What the ASA have to say about chiroquacktic

I’ve been looking through all the ASA’s adjudications against chiros and thought a summary of them might be useful to help understand what whacky claims are made and how the ASA deals with them. See the ASA’s website for full details of the offending adverts, the ASA’s response and investigation. The list of these can be found here.

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Who are the British Chiropractic Association?

I’ve been looking at the BCA and posted about them on The Lay Scientist, but repeat the posts here.

One thing is certain: regardless of why the BCA didn’t pursue the Guardian, the damage has been done in that people have read the paper and the online article and will have been left with an impression of what Simon said. If they finally win, they get no more than the satisfaction that they have won and that their lawyers have made a packet or too.

If they had pursued the Guardian as well, then it would seem likely that they would have to have published an apology of some sort. They way they have done it – just going after an individual — they get no such public apology and the ‘harm’ that was done to them never gets corrected as far as most of the original readers are concerned.

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