Move to WordPress complete

It looks like everything has gone smoothly in the move from Blogspot to WordPress – if you know differently, please let me know!

However, I reserve the right to continually tweak the theme and anything else I feel needs tweaked…

Note that bookmarks to my old Blogspot posts won’t work, so you’ll need to update your bookmarks to my new blog.

Also, the old RSS feeds don’t apply to the new blog, so you’ll need to delete the old ones and subscribe to the new feeds.

If anyone comes across any problems, please let me know at zeno {at} zenosblog [dot] com.

2 thoughts on “Move to WordPress complete”

  1. I’m loving the lightning 🙂 Unless you’ve deleted your blogger posts, bookmarks etc should still work. When I have a night in, I’m going to divert all traffic to my WP blog (I’m told it’s fairly simple) so that any new readers that come across blogger will be able to catch up on new stuff straight away.
    Welcome to the Dark Side 🙂

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