First Contact!

I got the following from the GCC yesterday:

Thank you for your letter. A member of staff who deals with the administration of complaints will be in touch with you within two working days with full details of our process for dealing with complaints. In the meantime please be assured that the GCC will not disclose your details to anyone other than the respondent chiropractor in each case. This will not happen until the relevant stage in the process, which will be set out in the full details my colleague will be sending to you.

Yours sincerely

Margaret Coats

Chief Executive & Registrar

At least we know they received my complaint (if we didn’t know already).

3 thoughts on “First Contact!”

  1. Hmmm, the MCA find out about the complaints before you did. I think this is against GCC rules. You should check and complain about leaks…

  2. Hmmm…A member of the GCC Council is Principal of McTimoney College of Chiropractic and a Fellow of the MCA:

    The GCC's Council's Code of Conduct ( makes interesting reading. It is basically the Nolan Principles plus some extra stuff and includes:

    "8 When members receive information identified as confidential to the Council, they must observe that confidentiality."

    "Do not exploit your association with the GCC for your own gain or that of others…"

    "If you have any involvement with a chiropractic business or organisation whose value, prospects or well-being might be affected by GCC decisions or policies, take responsibility for ensuring that your motivation and actions could not be challenged."

    "Do not put yourself – or allow others to put you – in a position in which your advancement or personal interests, or those of anyone close to you, could be seen as being linked to any decisions or actions you might take in the course of your GCC work."

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