Chiroquacktic Research Dishonesty


Extract from the GCC’s Indicative Sanctions Guidance, which defines what sanctions should be applied when a chiroquacktor breaks the rules. In the section on ‘Removal from the Register’, there is a sub-section titled Dishonesty, one paragraph of which states:

37. Research misconduct is another example. This term is used to describe a range of misconduct from presenting misleading information in publications to dishonesty in clinical trials. Such behaviour undermines the trust that both the public and the profession have in chiropractic as a science, regardless of whether this leads to direct harm of patients. Because it has the potential to have far reaching consequences, this type of dishonesty is particularly serious.

2 thoughts on “Chiroquacktic Research Dishonesty”

  1. Whilst I appreciate the sentiment, I'd suggest not using terms like "chiroquacktor".

    Firstly, it makes you appear biased rather than impartial to the casual observer seeking information online but, more importantly perhaps, it also diminishes the potential ranking of your articles in Google for people searching out "chiropractic" information.

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