What is it with religions?

What is it with religions, who preach tolerance, respect for their fellow man (and occasionally their fellow woman), etc, that they need so many inter-faith groups just to get them talking to each other, even if they all believe in the same god? The Pope only very occasionally talks to Muslims and even within Christianity, they can’t even agree the basics.

Also, why does the UK Government fund so many projects just to help religions talk to each other? That wouldn’t be because they aren’t actually that good at listening and tolerating each other, would it?

3 thoughts on “What is it with religions?”

  1. what matters most is the good deeds that we do on our fellow men, it does not matter what religion you have as long as you do good stuffs “`~

  2. Perhaps faith and religion are not quite the same thing. Faith needn’t be anti-science either, even if religion generally is.

    Belief that there is no God is a faith, even if it is not one I prescribe too. But then, I’m a classic agnostic in the Blaise Pascal mould.

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